A case study of the Chewton Glen Hotel



The Chewton Glen is a luxury, privately owned Country House Hotel & Spa on the edge of the New Forest Executive Chef Luke Matthews is taking food quality one step further: from preparing it in a quality way to defining what goes into the food.

The Kitchen is a place where Luke Matthews and his team grow ingredients themselves or uses high quality suppliers to produce the food they need and the quality they expect.

Seasonal ingredients play a major role in "The Dining Room” menu and with that the constant battle between availability and demand. In recent years, the hotel has provided extensive facilities to grow a wide range of their own vegetables and the Avery Dennison Freshmarx 9417+ helps in allowing picked and prepared production to be clearly labelled wihout the need to hand write and give a varying shelf lie if appropriate.

Luke and his team would rather experiment with food than spend time on hand-writing labels, so the advantage of having their own use-by dates label printer was a reduction of food waste, a certified extension of shelf-life and subsequently the rectification of work load.

Luke Matthews solution was the Avery Dennison Freshmarx 9417+ automatic date labelling machine which ensures that standards are observed, leaving no possibilty for interpretation. All food items on the system are pre-set with the correct product identification, preparation time and use-by date.


The right solution

  • The system enabled the team to adhere to food safety standards with confidence
  • It is clear and easy to read the labels now - thanks to Southern Retail Systems and Avery Dennison's Freshmarx 9417+ printer
  • The risk of error when handled by different staff has been significantly reduced thanks to ease of set-up and automation. The system enabled high quality labelling and continuity of kitchen processes without compromise
  • Easy to set up - a preloaded Excel sheet that makes setting the machine up to client's requirements straight forward
  • The printer has the ability to store videos and pictures, so a client can use it as a training aid to demonstrate how a dish should be prepared or served
  • 6 categories each with 12 tabs each of which can have buttons for 16 products - the potential to load over 1100 products

All prepared and part used food are readily identified with their name, date and time of production and use by date in an accurate and legible way having valuable chef time time handwriting numerous labels.

Fortunately, Chef Luke's relationship with long-term business partner Southern Retail Systems (SRS) helped him to find a solution and brought a new automated date-coding printer from Avery Dennison to Luke's attention.

SRS have previously automated some of theprocesses at Chewton Glen, so they had a good understanding of the kitchen's routine and needs. Luke expected his processes to be disrupted with time-consuming product training whilst learning how to set up the products,

After consulting a fellow chef who uses the printer and has tested it for two weeks, Luke and his team were absolutely convinced. Due to its structure, the training only took a few minutes and the team members were able to print the labels they needed quickly and accurately.


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